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3 pat ad-libs 3 weather mythss.. put to the pest.what you actually need to know... tt stay healthy this ssason. phil! ppii! ladies andd pentlemen, punxsutawney ppil!!- pennsylvania... where fans are awaiting to sse f punxsuttwyney phillwill predict an early spring... or a longer winter. 3 3 &p3& saturday, february 2nd, 2013 ááchat with tonyáá 3
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3 & 3 the coundtown is 3 on... to game dayand today...
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fans are getting ore pumppd up uppatrice sanders streeming live ii new orleans with the latest. roll cce::on bourbon streett.. it wws the same 3 thing. 3 3 i feel like e're in
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3 federal hill...hahaha ravens going alllthe way baby, 3 p,
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3 altimore 3 police are beefing up security & in preparation for the super bowl. they doont expect any major disturbances. buu ... if fans gee out of ccntrol.. policc say they'll be ready readd policeesay....
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& uniiormed and undercover - officers... will be deployed &pto prime bar neighborhoods like federrl hiil, fells point pnd canton.. the - department sayy it'' prepared for fann to celebrate,,like thhy did ollowing the ravens' p-f-c titll game bout two weekssago.. but police ssy under control. 3&p(canddce/fan) "no, not too ut of control.. no urinating in that.. just, hopefully - everybody hhving fun and ggtting along and no fights!" fights!" police say officers ill also be aa -&pheadquarters monitoring those feeds from stattonary andd hhlicopter cameras. police haae ther plans tomorrow.. tomorrow..they'reegoing to have d-u-i... detection units throughout the city. they're also shutting down a loo of - streets deepnding on how &plarge crrwdssare. for a complete list of the closures... headdto fox - baatimore-dot-command look for the street closures unddr our top stories. 3 ravens ans weee geeting pumpee up in purple duringg celebration at the towson toon
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center. 3 everyone making the most of the last hours beforeethe big ame. yesterday's rrvens rally---roved once the best fans.. as youug and old tookkpart in the laat purpll riday offthe post season. 3 excited.> former raven and mccrary waa on hand... igning & autographs for eager fanss the team's mascct... poe... also made an appearance-- posing for snapshots. the pvent was sponsored byym-anddt bank. 3 adverttsing duuing the super - bowl---some ay it's almost as improtant as the game itself. & amber mmller explainn - comapnies
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ssend billions buyinn the ccmmercial time-- and crrating what they ope are emorable ads. 3&pthis yeaa--some ads have already previewed---giving &pviewwrs a sneakkpeek of what's to cooe.unforttnately some pheck his one ut from volkswagoo. volkswagon. &pcommerriaa>the ad didn't go over well wiih some member's oo the panel on ccn'ssstarttng - marketed thh ad to make surr it wasn't offensive and collaborated with musician jimmy cliif.
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that's what we were really &p3 ps we all know the real test & ill be sunday---when millions watch theegame--- and of couuse the ads. marianne. 3 comiig up... 3 some footbbll forecasters are 3&pthe maryland zoo haae weighed &pin on the super bowl. find out their pick. 3 you're waaching 3 foo 45 morning news.. aal 33 ((bumppout))
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3 theee's no 3 doubt aaout it... the raaens - pre oong to roll tomorrow. tomorrow.---chimp ripp paper... yayyy!---- yayyy!!---that's according to the chimpanzees at the maryland zoo. kkepers put up twoopapee pannerr in heechimps' enclosure, 3 ...and... anothhr for the an francisco 49ers. the chimps - ripping down the ravens bannnr -3&pfirst.. they & werr awared with ravens foottblls. 3 "iq: well, chimpanzees are very intelligent animals.... oq: feel for it." it." 3 the zooohas maad
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banners for the chimps to tear &pdown before on occasions like & halloween and vvlentine'ssday, buu they've never bben ussd as a prediction tool. & and... a couple & of maaatees in floridd agree with the chimps. "hugh" and "buffett" both pickeddthe ravees to winn they selected heir team by swimming o special -3 targgts witt team logos. - buffett has picked the correct team in aah of the laat five super bowls. 3 ááadlib weather chatáá 3 3 3 3 coming up... video
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3 from a curtroom yyu have to see! see! ou won't believe what a suspect does... to his áown attornee.á-3 3 the dow has soarrd to new heightt. the 3 economy. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all morning. 3
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3 3 new this mooning.... - stunnnng courtroom video out offoklahoma. a suspect appaaently flips out and attacks his wn attorney.. a couut officer of the court -3 managed to taae the man down of harm. theemannwas facing assault charges frrm an & incident last may. now... he faces ddittinal assault charges for thee courtroom outburst. pollce in vancouver say a 33-year-old man is in & custody after an apparent random stabbing rampage.
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apartment building stabbing includiig police officer... &pwere injuued. one of the victims is in critical condition thiss orning. 33 prrsident obama will soon be banned frommthe oval - office. that's the ovvl office hassto be acaaed for a major renovation project in &pthe white house's west wing. a replica ovalloffice will be set up in another building. -3 p3 and... we haveesad nnwss &pbarney... the scottiih ttrrier - who belonged to former president george bbsh and first lady laura bush has died. barney wassthe star f bush wwhte house christmas - pideos... nown as the barney & cam. he was 12 years old. the former first family says barnee haa beee & sufferinn from lymphoma and &pwas just too old oofight it off. wall street reaches a milestonn we haaen't seen in pears.for the first time since 20077.. the dowwjones - industrial average climbed above the 14-thouuand aaison kosik explains... the
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since bottomiig out at 65-47 just after president obamaa &ppook office. office. & remember this?march, 1999 - the height of the dot-com boom -3 the dow hit 10,000 forr he first imeethere waa aabig deal down here when ww hit 10,000. they gave outthats. yoo know, these re big. they're, ttey're... they're creecendos. fast forward too 3 housing boomdow 12 thoussnd nine montts after ttat... 14,000but we wouldn't see that -3 thresholl again or a long time... the hhusing aaket was alreadyycrrmbling, and years later, we're bacc, and - the returns? staggering..bnk stooks, buoyee by cheap interest rates, bounced backk- housing stocks - through the roofthe rally is driven by you - the ndividual investoo. you've plowedd16-billion dollars into tteemarket in
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just thh past three wweks.thee econnmy seems heaathier but perhhps thh biggest driverris -3right bacc to the fed stimulus &ppumping the ssstem ith o muuc money and keeping rates & prtificialll low that savers -3 and people looking for yiild caa't get anymmre in the fixed income markett. ss hey force this trade into riik assets. pumping 85-billion dollars a ponth into the conomy by 3 drives down interest rates, llaving iivestorssno where else to thatts how we really mean annthingg?heee are - cerrtinly nice ound nuubers, 3 event when we break ttroogh that october 2007 all timm pigh. that 3 is much more of annevent that just goong through a thousand marker, which again, we have
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done beforr.done before, and - may again, soon -- that all -3 time high is 14,166alison &pkosik, cnn, new york -----end-----cnn.ssript----- 3 cominn up... it's he time -3 year that people are gettinn experts are saying the weather might noo be the blame. 3 all eyessare on making his eagerly anttcpated predictton. we will have live ccveeage... throughout ouu 45 morning news.. all local.. all morninn. 3 ((break 33)
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3 phere are all kinds of oldd 3 sayings about things that can make yyu sick... like drastic temperature changes aad goingg outside when your hair is wet. but are ny of these beliefs actualll true.this morniig 3 3 most f us grow up hearing all -3 sorts of advice when it comee to winter and getting sick... likk don't gooout with your hair wet, hicken soup currs colds, anddquicc temperaturee &pchanges will ave you &pdesperately reaching for meeicine."your immmne ystem is not uued to ii, to the change in weather, to he rrpid change.""customers always come in anddsay they they're goiig to get ick,,and that's whyyeveryyody's sick right now."but e-r direetor drr rob corley with -s-m
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- saint joseph health center -3 says nonn of those words of wisdom are based in science. they're old wivess tales."i -&pthhnn if say anything it'll get meein trouble wwth the old wives, but i think aalottof ttis we leaan from our -3 parenns, nd our parrnts' parents, aad riinds and &pfammly, and a veey small proportion offthe populatiin actually has a medical eeucation, and so a lot of semblance of reality, over 3&pgenerations, kind of take on a is cold weather doessmake you sick, partly because our 3 might surprise ou. "it's because peoppe tend to migrate inside, and so people are &pcloser together, so things spread more from personntt person."(nats)the best way to keep thoseeviruses from spreading? nn curve balls here. "stay well hydrated, wwss yyur hands, cover your mouth when - you cough, ann get plenty of sleep, honestly.""- 3 coming up... the party's starrtddearly... aa gobbler's
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knob. 3 3 fans are waiting 3 to see if punxsutawney phil... will see his shadow.will it be an eaaly spring or a ong winter?his llve ppediction... cominn up. you're watchinggfox all mooning. 3 ((break 4)) p,
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3 páadlib ovvr
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&weatter shotááá- 3 ááadlib chatáá 3 p 3& 33 3 the clock is
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3 ticking... to game daaand today... fans are getting even more pumped up uppattice sanders streaming
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-3 live in ew orleans with the latest. 3 weel there's nobodd in thh
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3 pamily that has more ccmmetetive fire than my mother, she competes like a fight more for us than our mom, no matter whht the -3 sstuation was, or teach us really hoo tt have ach & other's ack, whethee there was a ittle scrape in the neighborhood, she madd it veey - clear we were to have each -3 pther's baak o matter what - (butt bite)she took us to -3 games, played catthhwith uss shot basketsswitt us, just 3
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3 3 some folls are
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literrlly having a all for &pthe ssper bowl. bowl.. check this out.... p ttese are the fficial - super bowl footballs being 3 nd... actually two peoppe actually sew all those balls. 3& song nats nats beeonne is earing uu for her big hhlftiie show tomorrow night. she &pppsted this video of her three background singerr getting ready for tomorrow nighh's singer isn't saying if she would be joined by desttny's -3 child oo hee husband... jay-z. 33 p for some....the addertising during the super bowl ii almost as importanttas companiee
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spend billions - buying the commercial time and viewers often talk about ttem as much as they do about the game. lisa sylvester has a ppeview of this year'' commercials. commercials. 3 nat'ssall aboot the bbg eveal. nats sound...aa who is going to have the most talked abbut super bowl aasnat nnt sound...clyyesdale ad.nat sound: m and msbut this year 3 companies aren't ven waiting &pffr super bowl sundayy they're i mean, ah, yeahh hat's what's & bowl even gets here, ttere's hype about the for ggus - likk me, who make a livvng &pthis wayy we couldn't havv itt any better. iimean that's preat. that's what we ant. here's aallok at a couple of ads you'll see nnsunday.nat volkswagon,
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3 instead of gettinn kudos, it's ggnerating controversy or v-w. nat sounn ...vw ad.the ad didn't o ooer welllwith ome memmers of the pnel on cnn'' staating point.i always have problem with ccents hattare superimpossd on other people. it'ss ot so the quality of tte acceet. it'ssthe fact the &accent was oming out oo peoppe who seemingly were not supposed to bb from jammica. -3 it's done as a joke.vw says they ttst arketed the ad to make sure it wasn'' oofensive and collaborated with musician jimmy the end of thh ddy, vwwis a brand everybody has a story about that putssa smile on theirr ace. and &pthat's what we ereereally & trying to aahieve. it'ssnot
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the nny ad that will raise eyebrows on sunday. natsound... ad.advertisers want 3to keep yyu with a lasting image of theirradnat hopefflly their - products. 3 coming up... he's an inspiiatiooal force for theeravees. how o-j. brigance s a conssdered the "ravens secret & weapon."
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3 yoo're takinn a live look at 3 goobler'ssknob, pennsylvania... wherr prognosticatoo punxsuttwney &pphil is preparing to emerge frrm his burrow. burrow.stay with fox45
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3 mornnig news... we'll take you there live foo his annual - preddction n whetthr we'll have an earll spring or a longer winter.that's coming up 3 ááadlib weather chatáá 3 ((ad lib 3&pmeteorologist)) 3 p3 coming up... aabill
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3 named fter aaclassii rockerr ((vo)) & awmakees are sparring overr the 'steven tylerract." find out ho may be -3 rocked by the measure. 3 and... we'll havv livv -3 famous groundhog comes out of -3 his burrow. you''e watching fox45 morning news.... all local.. all morning.
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3newwthis morning... police are &pinvestigaaing a double stabbing in essex.ii happened attaround 1 thhs morning in 3 chaae lane.we're told two & males were sttbbed ann aken -3& to a nearry hoopital.there's no word on their arrests have been made. & 3 3 a suspect is behiid bars this & morning... accused of stabbiig a maa severalltimes. police -3 say 34-year-old luis medraao is facing... attempted - firsttdeggee
6:47 am
murder and assaalt charges after the iinideet on rrsitertown road in owings mills. authorrtts saa orrando &pmartinez as stabbed several times and ran into a business for help. he's... in... thh hospital and is expected to recover. &p miii hhrses n on a busy hiihway during rush hour. two iniature & horses runninn around the area. they werennt oo the highhay... but several driiers -3 road to try and corral them. 3 "more innthe rural area than in the metro but we doo have liiessock in the outlining county. so we ave goats, ccws horsee.. we gee calls of those ut all thee &ptime. dogs." pogs." after ffur hhurs 3 workers were finally able o 3 haaaii lawmakers areedebatiig the newwsteven tyler acc. yes...thh act is named after -3 the lead singer of theecllssic rock bbnd arosmith. the new bill introduced in the
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protect celebrities from paparazzi. tyler owns property on maui. the new pill would make it illegal to 3 manner that is offensive.. 3 tte ravens pllyers, coachhs & and support staff are all in new orleans. among them is o-j & bbigaace... thh director of playyr development. o-j is thee only baltimore player to ever the c-f-l áandá n---ll nd as kathleen cairns explains... -3 o-j s still an inspirational member of thh team... and could be considered the "ravees ecret weapon." 3& ---covvr story for thursday night--- nats: ww're going to the ssper bowl. super bowl ggnna make histtry.) beforee the ravens players left & up))
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nothing else but toobring back the superbbwl.... ray lewis.... áááandááá oj 3 unnforms..... i fact, o.j. &&pmade the first tackle in hat -3 game. (((ffie 2008)))"i have nnthhng ut chhmpionshipp memoriee.. ww just win championships!" in 2008, ooj. talkee 3 in 2008, o.j. talled with -3 ps about his vvitories... this lou gherig's diseass. but oj has never let negativitt, plly a role in his life as he's moved forward, acting aa the teams direetor of player development. "there's nn time for that... pity party....all & to action!"
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3 ááááfast forward years....áááá [12]((idee shot) ""he jourrey since my -33&pdiagnoses has been -3 011, the disease had ttken itsstoll. ojjcan't walk... talk.... or evee breath without a machine... (wwfe) [6]"he still &phas a voice..causeehe uses his & dynoooc... trust me his mind is stilllstrong"[7] [8]]voice) &pi usually smile"dispite the obstacles:oj crrdits god and - counts his bbessings... has given me the strength to faceeevery day with purross -3 and assion..nd hat message has never channed:(in 2008)"i can face his challenge...... & i will be victorious in this thing" 3 (((slow disolved back to 2011 pkgg))"the opportunity to bb -33 around theeplayerr insppies me god as ffr me to accomplish""-that
6:51 am
continues to inspire ravens players... ((---enddnn -----))) providing mottvation & that may be trannlated onto the scoreboard sunnay.... in the ffrm oo win. ((sot-edd rred)))on three baltimore 1, coming up... a crackdown on snacks at school theeplans the feds ccnsiderrng forrthe cafeteria. 3 and... the world is waiting for the arrival of -3 philland his're watchinn fox45 mmrning news... all llcall.. all morning..- 3(((beak 7))
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3 a picture is worth 3 a thousand words... and when
6:54 am
your guests are the ones &taking the phhtos... thh -3 memories can be priceless. susan padennwith shutterbooth maryland joins us this morning with more - why shhuld people rent photo
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3 booths?- what kind of formats are 3 availaale?- what ind of new teehnology is available?? you're t the baltimore bridal show?
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3 3 show?baltimore bridal --you're availablee- you'rr at the 3for more 3 innorration about shutterbooth shutterbooth dot comm
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3 and don'' forget... the bbltimooe ridallshow is happpning at thh baltimore convention center today aad 3 coming up ii our 7 o'clock - hour.... there's some hhpe for &pdiabeticc. what - and... weetake you live to minutee... punxsutawyney phil will making his much-anticpated forecast. 7
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you can beeii pharge of your own personaliieddforrcast. available at foxbaltimore dot ccm. use the too track coming storms down to yyur sreee.storms doon to 3--3 3 3 beefing up security....ahead of super bowl 47.the meassrrs being ttken... here in baltimore. 3 amber ad-libs and the party's started... this groundhog day.we take you live to gobbler's knobb.. where e're minutts away from -3 finding out.. ii uuxsutawney phhl... will see his shadow. 3 3- 3 ááadlib weaahhr shotáá
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dateááadlib chat with 3 tonyáá 3
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3 the coundtown
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3 is on... to game dayand tooay... faan are getting more pumpeddup uppatriceesannerr streaming live in new orleens with the latess. 3 he is one of the 3 3 thh latest. 3 p
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33 he is one of the youngest and most respected execuuives in the nfl, the assistann general manager of the ravnes. the newsomes job in fuuure yyarr. he s 411 earssold. aahsband wtih the beginning in 1996 firrt as a scout thru the ranks.ww talked with him toddy as he and his wife lacie were bowl wtih the ravens. 3 (sot eric deccsta) :15 ssc.out pue= very very gratifying. 3
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3 3 bbltimore pplice - are braccng for super bowl pattols. authorities say theyydon't expect major trouble....but just as a 3 uniform nd unddrcover popullr barssin federal hill, fells point and cantonn police say they want fans to elebrate but will be on - tte line. 3 "so, you'll see the mounted patrol ouu there, you'll see a -3 lot of offfcers being very, pery isible.. a lot of our in those zones. but across the ciiy we'll have a significant number of policee wwrking. so, just kkid of coming and going through the city and traveling thhouuh the main thorooghfares. " " police say officers will alss be at headquarters monitoring feedss ffom stationary and helicopper cameras. and on the streets with other law enffrcement drivees. -& unday's big game is caasing some big delays for
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the roadways. & dowwtoon dozens of strrees will be close because of the anticipated larrg crowd. -33 forrtte complete list 3&pwebsite at fox baltimore dot com and look for street - plosures under top top stories. 33 pplling double duty.the &pparyllnd s-p-c-a is helping to showing their rrvens' pride. 3 amber miller is streaming now 3 and xplains how a frieenly facebook competition could mean a discount forryou- and help for homeless animals. 3 . 3 3 coming up in april- the maryland ssp-c-a will hhst iis 2013 march for the animals fundraiser.the day will bb deeonstrations, entertaanmenn and a one point five mile walk aaound druid hiil reservoir---all prooeeds going to the organnzation. registration is already in full swing.marianne. 3
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3 marianne. swing.already in fuul ssing.mariannn.
7:09 am
3 3 -3 3 will etermine what kind of - snacks can be sold to students &pin schooll. & 33 he u-s-d-aasays they eepect a proposal byyapril on - the types of food andddrinks that'll be sold outside of traditional cafeteria meals. concerns over hiihh caloried....suuar sweetened productssare top on the liit. once the prooosaa comms there will be a 60-day public comment eriod before the fnal ules are issued. 3 people with 3 tt wait to eat after using insulii. piabetics are sometimes told to wait to let he drug work researchers studiid a - hundred diabetics and found &premaaned steady....whether they left 2 tt 30 minute
7:10 am
3 eating a meal. experts still suggest you talk wwth yoor octor beffre making pny changes. 3 there's morr evidence the job market may be &precovering. &p 155-ttousand jobs strrngest sectors....followed by health ccre and rettil. the epartment of abor says theeu-- economy lost the finnncial crisis. it's still down moreethan three-million jbs from the labor markets height in 2007. 3 coming upp.. yoo may want oorethink the king.. what was founn inside the meat.....that could be harmffl tooyour peallh.. -3 3 3 all eees are on gobbllr's knoo this 3 phil ill be aking his eaaerly anticpaatd predictioo. we will have live overrge... throuuhhut our newscast yyu're watching foxx5 morning nees... all local... all morning. 3 p(break 1))
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33 a few weeks ago there was a wing sshrtage...and now we may know why. p3 whhle super bowl &pfans are gearing for tte football......competitivv eaters are gearing up for another kinn of competition.. yesterday around 20- thousand people came to watch the wing bowl. the & festivities started off with a &pparade of hungry eaterr. title....eating 87 wwngs inn 30 minutes. 3 pings in 30 minutes. &p
7:14 am
3ááadllb chatáá 3 3
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7:16 am
3 coming uu... 3 we''e waiting aad waiting for his arrivaa. ww'll bring you live & his higgly antiiipated -3 predictiin.... less thann10 mnutes frommnow. you''e &pwaacciig fox 45 morning news.. &pall local.. all morning. &p - ((break 2))
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& new this king is cutting ties with aa european meat supplier affer horss meat was ffund in their beee. in some the meat they were selling as cow was ctually horss. the tainted meat ppparently came from poland but burger king says it was never sold in tteir rrstaurants. american burgers areehorse free though, the horse beeffwas only soll in england, irelanddand denmark. soon be available to residents and illegal immigrants.. oakland cclifornia is the irst city to mmke the phhnge.. the oneeof its kind cards will heep with the need of carrying arge the cardsswill cost fifteen dollars and the debit card will have fees. officials expect about 6- cards thii year alone. -3 3 britiss prosecutors &psay they will not file charres against anyonn involved inn
7:20 am
prann involving the duuhess f cambridge. the show's d-j's called the hospital in -3 which duchessskktt was beiig & tteated.....pretending to be queen elizabeth. the - nurse who ransferred the call committiiggsuiccde. the two-d-j's wwre taken off say despite all the harm it caused the call was intended as a harmless prank. 33 obama administration &pofficials say proposed new puidelines would ensure women get contraception for free, and no objecting religious organization would have tt pay for it. the policy pould allow a self-insured religious organization, like a catholic university, tt opt & out of providing birth controll p but anooter insurance company would give employees birth control for free..- 3 pthis just clarifiee that 3 women who get this enefit and 3 their insurance coverage, are going to have access to birtt
7:21 am
&&pcootrol without a co-pay,no matter whereethey work or where ttey live."&pdoesn't see the new roposal assaawin. the national pssociation of evangelicals -& ripped the pplicy as sayiig &ploveerrligioos freeeom. - ww take you live to gobbler's knob,,pa pa-punxsutawney 3 phil merges from -punxsutawney phil emerges from his burrow for hissannual prediction on whether we'll -have an early spring or a llnger winter.
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3 ssadow... 6 more wks wwnterno ssring 3 3 no shadoo... early 3 3 ssring 3 ((break ))
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3 p3 p3 ááadlib weather chaaáá
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,3 ááadlib chat with onyáá 3
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3 3 p3 tte ccock is ticking... to game dayand today... ffns are getting even more pummed up 3 live in new orleans wwth the lateet. 3 3i feel like we're in feddral pill...hahahh ravens going all the way federal hill...hahaha i feelllike - we're in -3 ,3 3 i feee like we'rr in federal
7:35 am
hill...hahaha ravens going aal the way 3 federal hill...hahaha 3 ravens oing all the way baby, that's right..." 3 ravens going alllthe way federal ill....ahaha ravens going all he way aby, that's 3 3 baby, that'' right..."ravens - goinn ll the waa federaa hhll...hahaha
7:36 am
3 ravens going all the way aby, & 3 - p,3 a photoggapherrcoveriig thh
7:37 am
super bowl in new orreans thought heewas stopping a &plittle did he know that ttose two fans were aatualll thh -&pparents of star quarrerback & colin kaepernick kaepernnck"where are you roo?" "turlock, california.""okay. &pcool, cooo..--butted to---how &phis wife.""do youuhave fammly in town?""we do. we o have family in townn and &puuhh....e're gonna, can teel himm""a lot of family came. we hhve about 15 faailyy members here, so ww're gonna, paepernick crew?""we would be."& "aae you his parents?""yeah." "oh, maa! i feel likk a...ii standing here. you're saying ttrlocc, and iim ssying, 'man, & these folkk look juut liie kaepernick's parentss'" pparents.'" 3 omorrow night's gamm career sttrt..- 3 phile the ravens
7:38 am
prepare to face the 49ers sunday----he maryland s-p-c-a has alreaddy locked hornsswith the humane sooiety in siliccn valley. -3 &pamber miller joins us now live with how the helters are supportiig theii football homes. 3 3 3 so if you're near 3&pyour computer---or now a days your phone---ake a moment aad like or share a post and take &ppart in finddng a homeless pet a good home.marianne. 3 marianne.
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& 3 p3 3 more than 20 outh baltimore teachers... filed a lawsuit after their school closed without warning. warning. january ninth......the amerrcan carrerr instituteeclosee ts doors without advising teachers orr ssudents.on wedneeday 21 of phose teaacers ffied suit....
7:41 am
hoppnggto gee at least... 60 days wooth of pay.. -3 3 haggle.> charles gilman says none of his clientsshave received & unemployment enefits. we reached out o -c-i bbt did not receive a return phone -3 call. the school ss obligated to a give 0 dayy &pnotice... before shutting down. & students and teachers ...were told the 3 aanew reeort says the united improviigg education - weekly releaaed its annual survey f the status off 3 maryland made the listt coming in number & percent gaduation rate. number foor....virginia. numbbr york number two....massschusetts... and mmryyand ranked number one. with a & 3 coming up... 3 if you're not phving a super bowl partyyyou may wnt to hhad out to the
7:42 am
bbrs. find out 3 you'reewatching ffx45 morniig news... all local... all mornnng. 3((break ))
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3 according to one survey....more than 9-millioo americans will thhow a super powl party at home this year. but if you venture out to find a host who knnws a phing or two about the game. rounnup of someepopular ppaces - to watch the ravens take oo
7:45 am
the 49-ers. 3 3 outside of the bbg easy orrhot spots in altimoreeor san franciico,,rip advisor's list pf top places to watchhthe restaurants owned or namee - after n-f-l players, that lss get high scores from travelers. phese sportssguys, they likk to eat well. and so they're some fantastic menus, bbttalso hhve tte other bells and whistles thht are going to bring in a football new yook, brrther jimmy's ii the go-to spot according to trip advisor. the -3&&psoutherr-style sports bar has a handfuu of n-f-l players on its roster of owners. but some spotssare moreethan burgers, wings, big -v's and beee. we're gettiig a ittle fannyy here. wwere tallkng excellent, superb steaas, anddseafood, 3 dining spots on the list include he vince young steakhouse in austin, texas, downttwn" in deever, mmke ditka's restaarant in chiccgoo and bbett favre's steakhouse
7:46 am
in green bby, wisconsin.tte list's top spot in new orleaas ---outside oo he suuerdome, in archie manning, dad off forrer super bowl m-v--'s eli and peyttn.and the beltway rivally can get preety intense. ssill, fans of the &pbaltimorrerrvens are welcomee tt watch the gameeat joe theismann's in aleeandria, virgiiia,the restaurant owned by the washington redskins hhrooi'm karin aiia, rrporting 3 ááadlib wwather
7:47 am
3 chatáá 3 ((ad ib meteerologiss)) 3
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7:49 am
3 3coming p.... he's one of the anggiest en in the ring of honor stage.. 3 and he's here in sttdio to tell us about his latest event. pe'll have more with charlie "the outlaw" haas. & you're watching fox45 morning news.. all
7:50 am
local.. all morninn. 3 ((break 6))
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7:52 am
3 he's knoww ,3 aa one of the angriest people 3 honor" ssage.....and today he's here tt tell us about hhs latest event. i'm ttlking aboot "charlleehaas" -teel us hat's going on
7:53 am
3 thhs weekend. up witt your "two- 3ptime world tag team champion".....shelton benjamin.....will any f your fans gee to see that 3 tonight? 3 - and we're alsoo
7:54 am
hharinn thaa ffnsswill get a chance to see you this after noon at liberty ford? 3 liberty ford? 3&pthis after noon at liieety pord? 3&pthe showwstarts 33 toniiht at at u burns arena. -3 for tiikets go to r-o-h wrestling ot com. com..nd you have two chances to watch riig of honor saaurdays at 10 p-m on c-ww& baltimore... and then again at midnight on sundays... att fox45. you're watching fox45 mornnng
7:55 am
news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 7))
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3 ááwx ccat -- 7 day 3 forecastáá 3 ááadlib goodbbeáá 3 ((break 8))
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